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Call to Battle also now has a required vehicles addon:

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Terms of use:

Beardielover is the owner of Call to Battle. You are not allowed to profit from Call to Battle in any way. You may not re-upload this mod, or any part/asset of this mod. You may not have a link that leads to this page or Call to Battle's download page that allows you to profit.(I.E. Through the use of You may record videos with Call to Battle as long as you have a non monetized link in the description. When you are downloading Call to Battle you are accepting the terms and conditions.

Creative Commons License
Important note: The Creative Commons license above is purely for further legal protection against people attempting to profit and/or alter CtB.

In short, you may download and play CtB. Attempting to use it for other purposes is against the Terms of Use and is illegal.

Further Support

For further support, join the Official CtB Discord, and our staff can help you out there! (There is a 10 minute delay after you join before you can speak, use this time to familiarize yourself with the rules and faq)

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