Call to Battle

Download Call to Battle now and get straight into the action. Once you've loaded up the game, hit the 'PLAY' button in the center of the main menu to immerse yourself in history!

Over 397,869 downloads to date!

Installation Help

This Is Detailed look at how to install and use forge. While CtB is a game of it's own, it currently uses Forge Mod Loader so that you may use it with mods and for ease of installation.

Click here to download the installation tutorial. It includes both the newer launcher, and the legacy launcher that is preferred by most people.

Legacy Launcher

We highly recommend using the Legacy Launcher for Minecraft. Many users prefer it due to the new launcher due too the new one being too thin rather than a standard widescreen launcher. While that aspect is visual and up to personal preference, we believe the older launcher is easier to customize and navigate for Forge.

Download the Legacy Launcher here!

Further Support

For further support, join the Official CtB Discord, and our staff can help you out there! (There is a 10 minute delay after you join before you can speak, use this time to familiarize yourself with the rules and faq)

Join the Discord!