Avanti Savoia Mapping Contest Results

Avanti Savoia!

The results for Call to Battle 2's Fifth Mapping Contest are in.

3rd Place - RussianPotato


RussianPotato's Bardia contains an amazing amount of detail and effort! Although not voted first or second by the judges, Bardia is undoubtedly the best North African map in the contest, and will definitely see a place on official.

2nd Place - S2eforme

Villa Rogatti

This map came as a huge surprise to us! It is definitely one of the most immersive and historically accurate maps ever on CtB, with every inch of the map capable of transporting you back into the Mediterranean countryside. Well done S2eforme!

Now onto 1st place!...... - Mateusz5555!


Another completely unexpected map by Mateusz5555, Ortona is captured beautifully by Mateusz5555 in minecraft, a large town with plenty of defenses, barbed wire, and a seaside village. The amount of effort put into the town is amazing! 

This contest was extremely close, with a tiebreaker deciding between Villa Rogatti and Ortona, and Bardia only 4 points behind.

Thank you all so much for participating, I hope you enjoy your prizes! We're looking forward to playing your maps in the coming updates. =)