Community Servers!

Polish Naval Kit

I've been updating many of the old kit images on the website!(And in game)

But that's not what this blog post is about. It's about something else... community servers!


For a while I've been trying to think of a way to allow trusted community members to have servers while also preventing malicious servers from gaining too much traction.


I was weighing possible ideas such as sending a custom jar to trusted users, partnering with community members to create specific servers(like a survival server), and the like. I finally settled on an idea which I feel is the best solution: A custom server browser!

Most of my other ideas got in the way of something that's always been allowed: Starting servers for a few friends to play on. And I certainly don't want to hinder that! You'll still be able to direct connect to your friends servers. =)


Rather than trying to stop malicious servers, I've decided the way forward is to instead reward friendly servers. The custom server browser will showcase community servers, giving them the spotlight. Now we can all work together to grow!


Contact me if you are planning on hosting a community server!