5.6 Update Change Log


5.6 AT-Rifles Change-Log

Those who helped fund France now have early access to:
-Berthier Mosqueton Mle 1892/M16
-Berthier Mle 1902
-Berthier Mle 1907/15
-Berthier Mle 1907/15-M16
-Berthier M1934
-More to come if there are any updates in between now and France ;)

Code Changes:

-Weapon "Fire Mode" Shown in Bottom Right for all weapons
-New Sprinting Animation for most weapons
-Added "Holstering" Ability, places weapon in downward position in First and 3rd Person, good for role play

-Revamped Bot AI
-Maps with secondary factions now have bots spawning in as secondary factions
-Bots now use kits at random when spawned in

-Bots now appear on minimap
-Allies Appear on minimap as their respective classes
-Attacker Spawnpoint is no longer randomized

-Corrected Russian, Japanese and Italian kits using the wrong grenade
-Smoke Grenades make a new sound when used

-Most likely other new features we forgot to record!

Added/Revamped the following maps:
-Castle Itter(Completely new!)
-Hacksaw Ridge
-Berlin Classic
-Nagoya(Completely new!)

Added the French Forces II Kit pack with the following Uniforms and Weapons(15% off for those who helped fund France):
-Free French Soldier with US Equipment
-Winchester M1907 Rifle
-Winchester M1907 Rifle (French Version)
-French SAS Uniform
-Welgun SMG
-Welgun SMG(Folded)
-Mab Model A
-Vichy France Milice Soldier
-MAS 40 Rifle
-Early access to MAS 36
-Vichy France Milice NCO
-RSC 1918 Rifle
-RSC 1918 (Straight-Pull Conversion)

Visual change for bots:
-Bots no longer use the original skins, now opting for higher resolution, better detailed nation specific skins made by Fresan123

Adjusted the following uniform Items:
-Japanese Helmet remodeled (Jungle variant also updated)
-Polish Helmet remodeled
-SS Shadow Soldier Kit uniform now uses the SS Cap instead of Stalhelm
-Volkssturm M44 Uniform (new texture and new field cap)
-NKVD Kit for Russia now uses blue pants
-Romanian Helmet no longer invisible
-New pants model to correct texture overlapping and visual glitching

Created and advanced AI system where Bots will now attempt to use cover and more effectively move towards objectives.
Added Advanced AI to the following maps: (more in the future)
-Berlin Classic
-Buna Gona
-Chateau Assault
-Gold Beach
-Grain Elevator
-Hacksaw Ridge
-Khalkhin Gol
-Monte Cassino
-Omaha Beach
-Pavlovs House
-Tarawa Atoll
-Uboat Pens

Rebalanced the following maps:
-Gold Beach
-Chataeu Assault
-Khalkhin Gol
-Tarawa Atoll
-Pavlovs House
-Garrison Hill
-El Alamein

New Weapons added:
-Reising M55
-PTRD 41
-Panzerbuches 39
-FN Mauser Model 1930
-Mills Bomb (grenade)

Boys AT, PTRD 41, WZ.35, Panzerbuches 39 are all Anti Tank Rifles with a "penetration" Ability against most cover

Added the following blocks:
-Target Blocks (Good for practicing your shooting or Role Play, shows the distance you hit the target at and where)
-CTB Gravel (doesn't fall, different texture, decorative)

Remodeled the following weapons:
-Colt M1903 Hammerless
-M3 Grease Gun
-M2 Hyde
-M50 Reising
-M2 Browning 50cal
-Ross Rifle
-Boys Atoll
-Karabinek WZ.1929/cavalry
-Karabin wz.98a
-Kar 98K
-Kar 98 Trench
-Kar 98B
-Gewehr 41 W
-Gewehr 41 M
-Gewehr 43
-G33/40 Carbine
-Gewehr 98
-Steyr VK98
-Arisaka Type44 Carbine
-Fucile Armaguerra 39
-Lahti L-35
-Gevar M/1896
-Mosin Nagant M28/30
-Suomi KP-31
-Suomi Bunker
-Lahti Saloranta 26

Corrected the following Weapon Models:
-MG-34/lafette (error found on flash hider)
-ATU Type 97 (too long, now shorter)