New Gamemode - Frontline

At long last, there is a new gamemode, Frontline!

We came up with this new gamemode idea when trying to figure out how to utilize more of each map, especially bigger ones like Stalingrad. While Stalingrad is not "Frontline" yet because it needs some more building interiors and other structures, it will be soon. Other maps are being released with Frontline now in the new 5.8 update.

What is Frontline?

Instead of a fixed amount of bases, the battle lines change throughout the course of the battle through the use of "Forward Points". Each squad has a forward point, and they can place it anywhere. Which means, anywhere can be a base! Every inch of the battle can matter, it's up to you to decide which parts do.

This also means each battle on a Frontline map will be a unique experience!

Forward points can be placed by anyone, although you have less of a delay if you are a squad leader, and even less of a delay if you are placing your squads point. This way your squads forward point is your priority, but you can place forward points for other squads if the squad is unresponsive or empty.

A new avenue for Airborne

Airborne will finally see more use in CtB with Frontline, as certain maps will also allow you to choose Paratrooper/Fallschirmjager alongside regular troops. Forward Points are more than just bases that represent control of map, they are spawnpoints too. 

However if enemies are nearby the forward point, you can't spawn there. Unless you are a paratrooper! Spawning on a forward point as a paratrooper will put you in the sky above it, so you can still help save the point if you are a paratrooper.

How do you "capture" Forward Points?

Forward points aren't actually captured, they are destroyed! It'll take around 4 satchel charges, or 6 grenades to destroy them. There can be a maximum of 5 forward points.

How does your team win?

Your team wins once you get to 1000 points. The more of the map you control, the more points you'll get.

In the screenshot at the top of this post, it's quite obvious the enemy team has more of the map controlled, but why do they have a lower percent? The strength of your line - the amount of forward points - matters even more than the amount of area controlled. The enemy team only has 4 forward points above, while the other team has 5. 

Each time can have a maximum of 5, and having the maximum of 5 means 100% of your controlled area will count. Having 4 means only 80% will count, 3 means 60%, and so on.

(Do also note that the area behind your spawnpoint lines do not count towards the control percentage)

Every enemy soldier defeated adds to your score as well, to a lesser extent.

We look forward to playing Frontline with you!