Troop Transports and Fund Goals


Hey guys! As you probably know, version 1.6 is out, bringing Troop Transports to Call to Battle. These are trucks like the Opel Blitz that have a lot of seats for soldiers to occupy and be transported to the battlefield!

They are in a separate "Troop Transport" class, being quite different from the smaller Utility Vehicles. More Troop Transports are coming soon, including variants of the two that have already been released.


In addition to Troop Transports, "Fund Goals" are being brought back as multiple users have requested them to return. Fund Goals are a way for donors to allow their donation to go directly towards the development of a specific feature. Multiple people can donate to the same fund goal, so it doesn't have to be funded all by one person!

These goals will typically be nice features to have that don't fit into the current development plans. The current development plans are: Try to get more bugs squashed and add more Troop Transports! Unless you want your donation to go to a fund goal, it will go towards the current plans, general maintenance and upkeep, as well as server costs.

For a time, a user was frequently donating towards server costs. Whenever he did, it allowed other people's donations to always go directly towards development! Though he now is unable to do so anymore, I will always be grateful for his past help. =)


In any case, here is an example of a fund goal that would be nice to have, but don't fit into what I am currently developing:

  • Finnish Marksman Class: Someone recently suggested this, and I think it'd be a great addition! They weren't too common, but there were scopes that Finland used.

And here's a couple of fund goals I plan to add due to the requests of others:

  • Dual Wielding: Though it doesn't really fit into the main server, it would be fun if CtB had the ability to dual wield weapons, as multiple users have expressed.
  • Ammo Boxes: Also likely wouldn't be seen much on the main server, this feature would be similar to rations and a way to store bullets more efficiently in your inventory.

It's important to note that the total cost I put is an estimation, based on how much work it will be. Dual Wielding is the highest, as I expect it to require a lot of reworking of code which will take a while. It's possible my estimations for some of these are too high, and it's also possible some are too low too. If they are too low, it's okay, I'll deal with it. If it's too high, I'll make sure the extra amount goes towards funding something else. As time goes on, I expect estimations to become more and more accurate.

In any case, I am excited to see what the future holds. Thank you for being a part of it!


Here's the link to the fund goals page:

(Another random note: Because payment processors take a fixed amount in addition to a percentage, I did set the minimum donation to $5 because multiple smaller donations result in more going to the payment processor than one larger donation)