German Uniform Remodels

German Uniform Remodels

Blog time!

Getting ready for 6.0's official release has been a long process, and we're looking forward to the future having smaller more focused updates. This time around though lets run through some of the coming changes for 6.0 itself! This blog will tackle the new German uniform models/sets.

Starting early war we have the redone M36 Uniform Set.

M36 Uniforms

The M36 features a buttoned up collar with a different jacket pocket design from the other sets. The Field Grey color and stone grey pants gives it away the fastest and instead of a brimmed field cap features an M38 Garrison Cap courtesy of Connor (ConnorDuhFinest). 

The gear for different classes reflects the same with the future default sets in that what can be seen from the front and back allows identification of the class from both views. Riflemen caryy the most gear as they are the only ones with camo tarps, Support omits the tarp and moves the mess tin, NCO (assault) ommits the tarp and mess tin and gains rank as seen by his shoulder broads and collar.

All sets have some basic gear, such as canteens, bread bags and shovels, however the M41 set has a different design for its canteen. Riflemen all have 6 pouches for Mauser stripper clips. Support all have a maintenance pouch, machine gun belt and P38 Holster. NCO's all have MP-40 pouches which are green in color on the M41 set.

Germany also has some more minor additions, such as the M36 set introducing a new model for boots and pants, featuring Jackboots and pockets. The basic Stalhelm has also been remodeled with much better accuracy.

Moving into the desert we have the Deutsches Afrika Korps(DAK) M41 Uniform Set.

Afrika Corps

The M41 set is the most complex of the basic sets model-wise, thanks to Connor's constant interference in my life (Thanks for nothing dude). The original black leather belts are replaced with tan and brown leather to better blend into the North Afican terrain. The M38 sidecap takes a bow and is replaced by a brimmed fieldcap specific to the DAK, the differences are minor compared to the M43's field cap, but they are there. 

While the basic gear is mostly the same for the DAK set, support takes the most gear into battle, retaining their gas canister. Riflemen and NCO omit the canisters with NCO once again having the least gear. All of the DAK uniforms have cuff titles on their right arms, black and white in color which say AFRIKA KORPS.

Lastly we have the classic grey uniform, with the Late-War M43 Set.

M43 Uniforms

A lot of the M43's features are similar to the M41's base model. Both have opened collars with simplified jacket pouches. The harness is also slightly simplified reflecting the status of the German Army in the late war, quality has dropped and they need more of everything yesterday.

Just like the M36 set, the M43 retains their gas canisters across the board, however the M43 has moved a pouch onto the gas canisters interestingly enough.

Next we have the Fallschirmjaeger Uniform.


Unlike the previous version of this uniform, it only has MP-40 pouches to be more consistent, the previous version of the model featured half MP-40, half Mauser pouches. It does gain some interesting details though, such as a blue bread bag and a grey canteen. The belt buckle also features a redesigned eagle specific to the Luftwaffe (Thanks Goring, you made me do more work).

The eagle patch on this uniform is similarly different, lastly on the collar insignia are 2 small eagles indicating a rank of "Flieger" or Basic Airman.

And with that we're done with the standard uniforms, moving on to the Waffen SS Uniform set.

Waffen SS

Coming with a fresh Assault gear set, these kit uniforms both have a new texture for their respective dot camouflage patterns, one predominately green and the other being mostly brown. Both uniforms have collar insignia with SS Lightning Runes and no shoulder broads due to the camouflage. An eagle is omitted from the chest and moved to the left shoulder.

This next kit uniform is more complex than one might assume, its the M43 Radioman.


This uniform is basic M43 gear until you look at the MP-40 pouches and the radio on its back. First off, the MP-40 pouches are a different design having a black leather appearance and new design for its tool pouch. The radio on this uniform is the same design found on the Axis Forward Point, slightly shrunk to fit to a player model. The uniform even has Yellow Waffenfarbe to indicate a member of the Signal Corps.

bouncing back in time though we have the First World War Uniform.


The original model for the WW1 German was alright however it wasn't good enough. A huge thanks to ChickenCrafter8 from the Plumepack Discord for helping with references for the 1915 period WW1 Uniform. Just like before it is a German Rifleman with a Picklehalbe, now though the gear is more or less correct with a Regiment Number 10 indicated on the shoulder broads. The shovel and Bread Bags are similar to the WW2 counter parts with minor alterations to reflect the period. The canteen is a new design entirely. The original models WW2 Style gas canister is replaced with a period accurate bag placed on the front of the uniform on the characters right side. The buttons for the tunic and sleeves have also changed.

Next up is the Kriegsmarine Uniform.


The reference for this uniform featured a Kriegsmarine soldier with Kar98AZ and a captured British Machete after the Dieppe Raid. To reflect this particular reference the uniform features a scabbard for a machete and Mauser pouches, the rest of the gear is essentially standard M36 equipment.

The Stalhelm though did change from a Stone Grey color to a Field Green, with the gold eagle for the Kriegsmarine.

Now its time for arguably the most complex of these uniforms... The Falschirmjager Sniper.


I still have nightmares from Connor's constant interference and occasional indecisiveness regarding this uniforms final appearance... Since the kit itself is meant to be a sniper, we tried to have the gear reflect this. The final model replaces the shovel with a case for a scope. The uniform itself is a Luftwaffe Ground Forces tunic and trousers, these guys wore a light blue kind of uniform. Most of the tunic is covered by a tarp wrapped underneath the gear.

 The field cap is also its own model as it lacks any insignia since its for camouflage. Lastly, on the left arm is an arm-patch indicating this particular uniform belongs to a veteran of Crete.
 Finally we have the SS Officer and his coat.
SS Officer
 This uniform had a bit of debate involved, and not over the Swastika armband, but over what rank to make him, we ultimately decided he would be an Obersturmbannfuhrer (Lieutenant Colonel). Just like the Support uniforms, this officer has a P38 Holster supported by an additional strap going over the right shoulder. An Iron cross is pinned over the left breast pocket just below a small pin.
 The shoulder broads also reflect his Obersturmbannfuhrer rank, easily the most complex shoulder broads model currently. Funnily enough the original Swastika Armband was asymmetrical... That's fixed now so thanks perfectionism...
 The coat used in the From the Shadows pack is also updated. It basically boils down to the original uniform, minus the P38 Holster, added fancy black leather coat.
From the Shadows
 This is also a good time to note the difference in the caps shown in this coat screenshot and the one shown on the previous SS Officer. You'll notice the cap was made into a different shape using a new method to more accurately reflect the IRL appearance. A skull and SS Eagle is also found on the front of the field cap.
 That's it 0_0 This was a quite wordy blog but I hope I broke down the basic explanation of the new German uniforms. Once these release in 6.0 the road will be open for other nations to get remodeled uniforms, some that really need such attention are the Soviets, Japanese and Poland especially. Who knows who will get a fresh look next :D