Some of you have noticed there's bots. Some of you don't like that there's bots. That is, until we tell you they only appear when there is less than 16 players. Then it's usually fine.

What's the purpose of the bots?

Bots are mainly intended for off days with not many players. Obviously real players are better, but many would agree it's better to play with a few bots than anyone at all.

However, we'd like to know how you feel about the current bot setting:

Currently there are 16 bots minus the amount of players on. So if there are 8 players, there are 8 bots. 10 players, 6 bots. 16 or more players? 0 bots. Hopefully that explains well enough ;)

What we'd like to know, do you like it how it is? Or would you prefer there only to be bots with 8 players or less?


And yes, bots can barely navigate snow. We'll work on fixing that in the near future! They navigate most other maps decently though ;)