Polished Andesite


Andesite, andesite everywhere. But not a drop to drink.



Or so it seems.




Isn't polished andesite a truly remarkable block?





What else is truly remarkable, is what version it's from.






A version with BIRDS!!!! I should really be named Birdielover... but that's besides the point. The point is...






I've been working on (finally!) updating CtB to 1.12.2. Progress has gone very well!

Why am I finally moving to 1.12.2? Multiple reasons.

1. 1.7.10 is broken for people with certain graphics drivers. And as technology changes, it will continue to break for more people. We can't expect new users to jump through hoops like downgrading their drivers to play CtB.

2. 1.7.10 used to be the best versions for mods. But as you probably know, it's not really used anymore. 1.12.2 has been the new 1.7.10 for quite a while.

3. Performance!!! 1.12.2 runs much better than 1.7.10. The new prop system I've been talking about that makes props much less laggy? That was made possible by 1.12.2


And speaking of... all those prop sneak peeks? Yes, those were in 1.12.2. In each screenshot, I hid many clues of it being 1.12.2. One of those clues... is....Polished Andesite

A quite exquisite block that blends in and is also quite tasty.


First one to find the most clues gets a free kit!