Resupplying Yourself

Resupply Crate

At long last... you can resupply yourself! (Well actually, when the Italian update is released....)

As pictured above, there are now "Resupply Crates" that can be found around various maps. As expected, interacting with them resupplies your ammunition, replacing your existing ammunition with the base amount of ammunition for your class.

Gone are the days of needing to throw your life away to regain ammunition, searching for a resupply crate will allow you to keep up the fight! 

Where will the resupply crates be? The primary spot for resupply crates will be near spawn points, so you may need to retreat a bit to resupply. Our goal is to eventually add them to every map, though do note they might not be on every map upon the first release.


On a side note, it always feels very intense(at least for me), when I've continued to survive without dying for a long period of time, and taken out plenty of enemies. It almost makes me feel like some sort of "war hero". When that happens, I value that life and try to continue to survive the rest of the match. Unfortunately, that's usually cut short by running out of ammo. Then all I have left is a knife, which of course we all know it's not wise to bring a knife to a gunfight.

I'm looking forward to this change for that reason, and I hope you all enjoy this change as well!