What's next

What's Next

Hello everyone!

We apologize for the lack of blog posts, as you probably know we have been hard at work on many different aspects of CtB.

One of these, as you may have guessed, is France! We'd like to thank all of you who support and continue to support for making France and other updates possible.

What's in the next update?

While France won't be in the next update, some of the weapons will be available early access to those who made France possible by purchasing the Fund France kit pack. Over the course of the next couple updates, we will continue to release early access weapons to supporters until France itself is done and ready to be released.

That's just one of the rewards for those who have helped fund France, it is likely there will be others too. :)

Of course that's not all:

It's been a couple months since the last update, so of course we have more than early access weapons coming in this update. Along with plenty of bug fixes and quality of life changes we have 3 weapons of a new weapon type coming to CtB.(new from a certain point of view)

New sounds, new animations, and plenty of remodels as well, including all Mauser-based rifles! The Gewehr 41 and 43 also received remodels as well, so German rifles should now be much more fun to use.

In addition to many other quality of life changes, we've greatly improved bot AI. One of the major changes is that bots will now actually use cover which makes them play more realistically, historically, and makes them more useful to the team.

Here's a screenshot of that in action:



What else?

There's plenty more features in this update, some of which we'll let you find out for yourself. 

In terms of maps, there are 3 new maps and 1 returning map that has been completely re-organized! One of the maps coming in the next update is "Castle Itter", which is perhaps the most interesting battle of the war. It was the only known battle in which both Allied forces and the Wehrmacht fought side by side against the Nazis(In this case, the Waffen-SS).

In the CtB version, you'll be able to choose between US and Germany on the Allies, and also Germany on the Axis side. The "Allied" Germans will use very late war uniforms(new texture) and the "Axis" Germans will use earlier war uniforms, as the Waffen-SS were better equipped.

We are looking forward to experience this update with you all! Stay tuned.