XP Overhaul

XP System

The XP system has always been an integral part of CtB 2. Leveling up your class allows you to use new primary weapons, and leveling up your nation level unlocks new sidearms. However, XP gain has been quite vague, leaving many players not knowing which actions will grant them more XP than others.

Call to Battle places emphasis on playing the objective and effective teamwork to achieve victory, so it only makes sense that the actions that grant the most XP would reflect that. But without any indication of when you've received XP, how are players supposed to know that? In the coming Italian update, we've added an indicator to the bottom right that let's you know when you've earned XP, and what you did to earn it.

Which actions award XP?

In the current version of Call to Battle(5.0), actions that award XP are few and far between. In fact, only 3: Kills, capturing objectives, and clearing obstacles. In the coming Italian update, we're adding a plethora of new ways to earn XP. Here's a full list of all the ways to earn XP once the update hits:

  • Kills 13xp - Pretty obvious what this is.
  • Melee Kills 26xp - Since melee kills are more difficult and less common, they will give you twice the XP. Banzai!
  • Objective Kills 39xp - Playing the objective is top priority. Any kills inside an active base will grant you 39xp, this works whether it's you or the enemy inside the base.
  • Protected Squad Leader 26xp - Getting a kill while near your squad leader will give you +26xp! That means if you get an objective kill while defending your Squad Leader, it's a total of 65xp
  • Protected Squad Member 13xp - Getting a kill while near a squad member will give you +13xp! Stick with your squad. If you work together you'll not only be more effective, you'll level up faster! The bonus applies for each squad member, making a max bonus of 65xp if the Squad Leader is also nearby. This bonus also works if you are the squad leader.
  • Effective Leading 13xp - If you are the Squad Leader and a nearby squad member gets a kill, you'll get +13xp! Lead your squad to victory, and you'll be making bank on XP.
  • Capture ~195xp - Playing the objective is the most important way to achieve victory, so a capture will give you 195xp for most classes. However Paratroopers will get a whopping 312xp for a capture! On the flip side, Support class and Marksman will only receive 78xp. The job of support class is to defend bases and suppress enemies while your team advances, and the job of a Marksman is to take out priority targets from afar!
  • Base Defense ~117xp - Most classes get 117xp if they are defending a base when it falls, but this is where Support really shines! Doing your job as support will give you a hefty 260xp if you are still defending when the base falls.(Keep in mind bases often fall from reinforcements being depleted rather than being captured.)
  • Resupply 13xp-39xp - A new feature coming in the Italian update. A later blog post will explain how this works!
  • Heal 26px - Healing a teammate to full health will give you 26xp!
  • Wire Cutting 13xp - Clearing wires as Technician will give you a bit of xp, if you are the attacking side

Let us know what you think about these coming changes! (Remember, they will be released in the Italian update.)