Uniform Changes

Hello again! 6.0 progress has been moving steadily and until we release, I'd like to take some time to discuss more uniform changes. This time around we aren't talking about the Germans, their changes are in our previous blog, but instead some new/redone kit uniforms plus misc. changes to several uniforms :D

We'll kick this off with the classic United States, being one of CTB's oldest playable factions, their kit uniforms haven't always lived up to standards. With each update though, their arsenal and uniforms have taken steps closer to the final vision. One kit of theirs belongs to the Elite Heroes Kit Pack with a Johnson LMG, however it did not have a unique uniform... No more!

Elite Heroes United States

The Early Marine Uniform is inspired by Pacific Theater Marines of the first year of hostilities (1941-1942). A huge thanks to Route for providing references for this uniform along with all other American Uniforms. This uses a new Helmet, Support Tunic and pants color, all with a hint of dirt as if this soldier has been fighting for a long while without rest. The helmets chin strap is not buckled and the USMC patch on the Left Breast pocket help give this uniform some character.

Of course, another kit that lacked any particular uniqueness is the "OSS Agent" which is just a basic tunic with pants... Kind of a weird sight on the battle field, especially without anything on your head, no more!

OSS Agent

The OSS Agent is now a winter uniform in nature, wearing a Mackinaw Coat and field cap. With 6.0 the Field Cap should be becoming a standard item anyone can use, but the coat is kit exclusive. It is set up for an NCO having Thompson Magazine pouches, a pistol holster and map case. The Late War Trousers were also updated to include a fancy new Boot model, which the Late War Uniform already in game will also use :D

This next kit we looked at wasn't awful per say, it at least had unique items for it to help stand out, this being the Russian WW1 Soldier. A different field cap and a fancy rain coat to wear, however I (AngryLoyer), found it could be more than just that...

Russian WW1 Soldier

The Field Cap is now different and a unique Tunic, Trousers and boots now belong to this particular uniform. Meant to represent a Russian Officer of the First World war, he carries a canteen and rucksack.

Now I'll be honest, the Polish Naval Uniform was one of the worst we currently have in CTB... That had to be said, but it does show how far CTB has come comparing older models to newer ones. That being said we finally got around to some Polish Uniforms!

Polish Naval Uniform

A huge thanks to our Moderator Klarofon for assisting with references. The Polish Naval Uniform brings its own charm now with a new set of interesting details. The cap has an Eagle pin with the words "Marynarka Wojenna" hand stiched across the front (in this case, hand modeled). The tunic features rifleman pouches and a small sailors cape with 3 white stripes on it. The boots even have a fancy white cuff around the tops of them.

The Polish Officer Uniform currently only features a fancy new cap, that looks nothing like the actual Rogatywka Polish soldiers could be found wearing. Perhaps eventually Poland can have a standard Rogatywka, but we'll see about that.

Polish Officer Uniform

To go with the new Rogatywka model, the Uniform now has a unique tunic. You'll find a Pistol holster, fancy collar and a rather sharp look if I dare say so myself.

Poland will be seeing a complete uniform rework at some point much like Germany is for 6.0, for the time being there are new textures for all Polish uniforms though, meant to better reflect what they actually looked like.

Poland Uniforms

Hopefully sooner rather than later, Poland will get a proper remodeled set of uniforms to go with this fancy new texture :D Some other Nations we'll redo include the Finnish, Soviets, Japanese and whomever else we deem needs better uniforms...

This was already shown in a Sneak Peek, but the Volkssturm are receiving armbands!

Volkssturm Armband

The nice thing about their armbands is now that they're made, future similar armbands will be much easier to create for just about any faction :D

Now this time we have a more simple remodel that was mentioned in the German Uniform blog. The Italian General, NKVD Officer, Japanese Kenpeitai/Expeditionary and Belgian Officer all received updated field caps! So hey that's cool.

Updated Field Caps

Lastly the Russians will be getting a Pilotka Side Cap as a standard item :D


That takes care of the Misc uniform changes for 6.0 everyone!