The Sun Never Sets Contest Results!

Sun never sets

The results of Call to Battle's fourth contest are in!


3rd Place - Hanji


Hanji's map is a very linear map, so linear, that all the objectives are in a straight line! It's a relatively small map, but has some nice terrain and details.


2nd Place - Kiwi


Kiwi's map is an impressive size, and will without a doubt see a place on Official. It was one of the initial maps I saw for the contest, and I thought it may even take 1st place at first.... While she wasn't voted first place by the judging team, her effort is so strong on this one that she will certainly get the first place reward like the others!



1st Place............. Two people are tied for first!



The amount of detail in each little spot of this map, is absolutely insane. While there isn't variation in the types of trees, every inch of the forest makes you feel like you are in an intense warzone. Congratulations ACLL, you definitely worked very hard at this one! Good job, I'm very excited to see how this map feels to play on



I was shocked by this map. It was completely unexpected. The scale of it, with each building even having an interior, wow. The effort is completely undeniable for Kiwi, Potato, and ACLL. This much effort has been rarely seen in mapping contests.... Congratulations RussianPotato! You've surprised us all, in a very good way =)

Your map is the most detailed, and maybe even the largest city map CtB has ever seen!



Thank you all so much for participating, I hope you enjoy your prizes! I'm looking forward to playing your maps in the coming updates!