The Sun Never Sets contest is based around battles involving the commonwealth(Britain and their colonies, such as Canada and Australia)!


You have a chance to build part of Call to Battle, and win prizes. A map of any battle where commonwealth forces fought is acceptable!




1st Place - EVERY single British and Commonwealth kit! (about a $34 value, which will increase as more are released)

2nd Place - The entire Commonwealth Kit Pack


Runner ups: 

Anyone who submits a map that meets CtB Standards of quality, will be able too choose one kit from the Commonwealth Kit Pack to recieve for free. 


Have fun building! The rules are simple:

  • Must be based off a real battle where Commonwealth forces fought. 
  • Your map must be 100% original. If a submission is stolen from someone else, it will be rejected, and you will be banned from participating in future contests. 
  • Multiple submissions per user are allowed, provided they are different maps, of course. Multiple submissions are encouraged, however 1 high quality map will beat 2 lower quality maps.
  • We must have your full permission to use the map on the official server. Without it, you can't win the contest.


Judging begins on 5/20/19. To submit a map, join our discord server , where there will be a specific channel for uploading contest submissions. 



*If only unnaceptable maps are presented, a prize will not be given. You must actually put effort when making your map, as it will become playable on the official server if it is acceptable.