This contest is over! Check the blog for results.

Introducing Call to Battle2's first community map building contest! You have a chance to litterally build part of Call to Battle2.

With Japanese forces packaged with Call to Battle2's release, our first contest is themed for the Pacific Front.  The winner will recieve a golden type 100 skin as well as their map on the official server!  


The rules are simple:

  • Must be based off a real life location where infantry actually fought on the Pacific Front. An example of a valid map would be Iwo Jima, an example of an invalid map would be Pearl Harbor as that is an air to sea battle.
  • Must NOT be a map that is already going to be included on CTB2's release. These are: Iwo Jima, Garapan, Saipan
  • Your map must be 100% original. If a submission is stolen from someone else, it will be rejected, and you will be banned from participating in future contests. 
  • Multiple submissions per user are allowed, provided they are different maps, of course.
  • We must have your full permission to use the map on the official server. Without it, you can't win the contest.


Judging begins on 10/25/17. To submit a map, join our discord server , where there will be a specific channel for uploading contest submissions. 

When uploading a submission, be sure to give us your minecraft username as well so that if you win, your prize can be redeemed. 


Disclaimer: By sending your map to us, you give us permission to use it on the official server.