Elite Soldiers
Elite Heroes

March into battle with these elite soldiers! Battle-hardened and full of very heavy training years, these elite soldiers are tough on the battlefield.

The Elite Heroes Pack comes with the following exclusive items:
-M1941 Johnson LMG
-Erma EMP
-Lahti M/26-31
-Krag-Jorgensen M/1930 PW
-Elite Katana
-Hamada Type I Pistol
-LS-26 Finnish Summer Uniform Set
-Waffen SS Uniform Set
-Waffen SS Uniform Set(Alternate Camo)
-King's Guard Uniform Set
-Late War Japanese Tunic

Once purchased, kit items are available in both singleplayer and multiplayer, provided CtB is installed. Purchased kits should become available immediately if connected to the official server, otherwise, try restarting the game.