Warsaw Uprising
Warsaw Uprising Hero

In occupied Poland, the Polish Underground and Home Army valiantly rose up against their oppressors, using all sorts of weaponry, many of it made secretly by the resistance.

They fought long, hard, and bravely, but it was in vain. The Soviet Union tricked them, promising to come to their aid, but instead let the resistance get brutally crushed by the Nazis. They mercilessly allowed the deaths of the brave resistance, so that instead they may rule over the Polish with an iron fist, without any hope of a resistance being left. 

While the uprising failed, many heroes did survive that day, though most who survived were now captives of the Germans.

Warsaw Uprising Hero comes with the following items:
-Bechowiec-1 SMG
-Exclusive Uniform Set

Once purchased, kit items are available in both singleplayer and multiplayer, provided CtB is installed. Purchased kits should become available immediately if connected to the official server, otherwise, try restarting the game.