Italian Heroes
Italian Heroes Kit Pack

The Italian Heroes Kit Pack comes with 4 Italian kits!  These are released early to help provide funds for something huge that is planned for CtB....


To keep the class selection screens condensed:

2 of the kits are available to play for Germany

The WW1 Italian Kit is available to play for UK(It fits in with Allied colors, and Italy was on the side of the Allies in WW1)

The Italian Rifleman Kit is available to play for Romania


The Italian Heroes Pack comes with the following exclusive items:
-Armaguerra 39
-Italian Rifleman Uniform Set
-WW1 Italian Uniform Set
-Alpine Italian Uniform Set
-Italian General Uniform Set

Once purchased, kit items are available in both singleplayer and multiplayer, provided CtB is installed. Purchased kits should become available immediately if connected to the official server, otherwise, try restarting the game.