French Forces 2 Kit Pack

The French Forces 2 Pack comes with the following exclusive features and items:
-Winchester M1907
-Winchester M1907(French)
-MAB Model A
-MAS 36*
-MAS 40
-US Equipped Free France Kit Uniform
-Free French SAS Uniform
-Vichy France Franc-Garde Permanente Uniform
-Vichy France Franc-Garde Permanente Cold Weather Uniform

You can press "B" to toggle between folded and unfolded Welgun!

Once purchased, kit items are available in both singleplayer and multiplayer, provided CtB is installed. Purchased kits should become available immediately if connected to the official server, otherwise, try restarting the game.


*The MAS 36 is exclusive only until France is released as a nation. However, owning the kit pack will still keep it an exclusive weapon for UK and Germany.The other weapons will remain exclusive.