Avanti Savoia II Change-log


5.3 Avanti Savoia II Change-Log

-Added Canadian Faction
-Made Firing end spawn protection
-Optimized Helmet Rendering
-Optimized Gun Rendering (Outside of first person)
-Optimized MG Rendering
-Removed vanilla MC "Dying", replacing it with a more optimized system (Also will help nearby chunks to not have to be reloaded)
-Grenade Launcher equipment slot
-Added bots to the server relative to the current player count. There are 8 bots per team, removing one for every two players.(16 or more players means no bots)
-Added Marksman cooldown to Garrison Hill

Added Villa Rogatti and Ortona (Map Contest Winners) Both maps feature new Canadian Faction

Added the Mercanary Kit Pack with the following Weapons and Uniforms, check it out here:


-Italian Social Republic Soldier, With exclusive tunic and TZ-45 Submachine Gun
-Italian Co-Belligerent Soldier, with Exclusive uniform and TZ-45 Field Modified SMG
-Swiss Mercanary, with Exclusive Uniform, K31 Straight Pull Rifle and Model 1906/29 Luger
-Mexican Soldier, with Exclusive Uniform, Mendoza Light Machine Gun and Colt Obregon Pistol

Changed the following maps:
Hacksaw Ridge
Iwo Jima
KOTH Ardennes
Operation Varsity
Sevastopol Assault
Top Floor

Remodeled the German and British uniforms. German Uniforms courtesey of Fresan. British Uniforms courtesey of ConnorTheBest.

Remodeled the following weapons:
BAR Anti Aircraft
High Standard HDM
M1 Carbine
M1A1 Carbine (Paratrooper)
M2 Browning Machine Gun
M2 Carbine
M1917 Browning
Mosin Snow Wrap
R80 Monitor
Springfield M1A1
Springfield M1A1 Field Modified
Springfield M1A3
Springfield M1A3 Field Modified
Springfield Bushmaster
Thompson Annhilator
Thompson Inline
Thompson M1A1
Thompson M1928
Tokyo Arsenal M1927
Type 38 Rifle
Type 38 Carbine
Type 38 Cavalry
Type 97 Sniper Rifle

Corrected the following Items:
WW1 Italian Uniform
M1 Garand
T26 Tanker Garand
RKM Browning