Melee Overhaul

Call to Battle's melee combat was always intended to be more than just "swing and hope you hit first". This is evident by the blocking feature, which unfortunately hasn't worked. Turns out, there were plenty of other planned melee features that the resources just weren't available to add.

Teammate Resupplying

Back in WW2, squads for many nations were built around their Support - the guy with the LMG. With the squad being built around them, Rifleman would often have extra ammo for the LMG to ensure their support gunner would be able to continue laying down suppressing fire at the enemy.

XP Overhaul

The XP system has always been an integral part of CtB 2. Leveling up your class allows you to use new primary weapons, and leveling up your nation level unlocks new sidearms.

CtB - Blitzkrieg II

Call to Battle - Blitzkrieg II is the second Blitzkrieg release cycle!

While this update cycle is mostly map based, it has some features that were made a while ago by Beardie!