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CtB's come a long way over the past 5+ years. Without your support though, it can't continue. 

There are still so many dreams for CtB, let's accomplish them together!

What's next

Hello everyone!

We apologize for the lack of blog posts, as you probably know we have been hard at work on many different aspects of CtB.

Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506 PIR

Easy Company, 506th PIR is a crack company of airborne troops, lead by amazing men such as Major Winters and Captain Nixon. As a tribute to their efforts in Normandy, Market Garden, Bastogne and Germany a book has been written by Stephen Ambrose and a TV series documenting their fighting through Europe. Easy Company of CTB is partnered with the 29th Infantry division and generally with all other US divisions. Join us for a thrilling airborne experience, and follow in the footsteps of the real Band of Brothers!


Some of you have noticed there's bots. Some of you don't like that there's bots. That is, until we tell you they only appear when there is less than 16 players. Then it's usually fine.

What's the purpose of the bots?